Wear 3D Mink lashes, To be Sexy Girl

Wear 3D Mink lashes, To be Sexy Girl

Still worry about how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? 3D Mink lashes is an indispensable tool to create the perfect eye makeup, that you know how to wear 3D Mink lashes ? Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more bright Therefore, 3D Mink lashes became everyone’s common choice. Usually we see that the star wear 3D Mink lashes  well and naturally. This is not the case when we posted it by ourselves. So how to wear 3D Mink lashes?

First step: check the length of 3D Mink lashes

After buy many 3D Mink lashes, you will find eye type, eye length is not appropriate, therefore, when using 3D Mink lashes, firstly use tweezers to pick up the 3D Mink lashes at the root of the eyelashes, if the 3D Mink lashes longer than their own eyes You need to cut to the same width as your own eye shape, and the end of 3D Mink lashes should not overshoot their own eyelashes. Therefore, the 3D Mink lashes in the eyes should empty out of 1/4, or eyes closed will be uncomfortable.

Second step: clip their own eyelashes

Before apply the 3D Mink lashes, use the eyelash curler curling up your eyelashes, and then mascara, because their own eyelashes is no more than 3D Mink lashes curling, in order to wear the natural eyelashes naturally, and therefore need to wear 3D Mink lashes prior to curling their own eyelash, while mascara is also able to help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

Third step: to give 3D Mink lashes wear glue

After their own eyelashes are fixed, pick up the prepared 3D Mink lashes, roots up, and then use another hand squeeze the glue on the 3D Mink lashes, should pay attention when crowded squeeze extrusion not too much one-time Or it will flow the eyelash glue onto the eyelashes. When applying the eyelash glue, it should be applied to both sides from the middle so that the eye and eye end parts will have more glue because the two parts are easier to fall off . Better grasp of the coating method is to squeeze a little glue, painted a short, squeeze a little glue, painted a short, so until all painted, the direction is just said from the middle to both sides.

Fourth step: How much eyelash glue is the right

Many people wear 3D Mink lashes, the biggest difficulty is that do not know how much glue to the 3D Mink lashes wear, so editor answer, false eyelash glue is about 0.5 to 1 mm thickness, because if the 3D Mink lashes glue too little, Not good sticky 3D Mink lashes, squeezed in the eyelash glue, wait 30 seconds, to be 3D Mink lashes semi-dry state, because the viscosity is the highest.

Fifth step: first time wear 3D Mink lashes

After the glue on the 3D Mink lashes is semi-dry, clamp the middle of the eyelashes with tweezers. At this moment, it is not the root of the middle of the 3D Mink lashes. Instead, the eyelashes in the middle of the 3D Mink lashes are clamped by the forceps, Just above the real eyelashes roots. The middle of the 3D Mink lashes align with the real eyelashes. Be careful not to touch the roots of the glue with real eyelashes.

Sixth Step: How to wear the eye 3D Mink lashes one eye

First stick in the middle part, the site is above the real eyelashes within 0.5-1 mm. Is glued to the eyelids, very close to the real eyelashes, but do not press on the real eyelashes line because it will put down real eyelashes down.

Seventh step: How to wear 3D Mink lashes one eye end

Stick eye tail part. Use tweezers to clamp the hair on the tail of the 3D Mink lashes and gently press the eyelashes on the end of the eye 0.5-1 mm in the direction of the end of the eye. The goal is to prevent the middle of the excess part of the empty bent out, but do not be too hard, the middle of the 3D Mink lashes should still just fixed position.

Eighth step: how to wear 3D Mink lashes on the eyelash head

Stick eyes head. This time with tweezers to clamp the hair of the head of 3D Mink lashes, gently pressed toward the head of the eye in the direction of the eyelash line 0.5mm above the eye (1mm will be too high, this should be closer to the real eyelashes Will naturally).

Ninth step: the final shape of 3D Mink lashes

After pasting 3D Mink lashes with the finger hold it until the glue is completely dry to amend the arc. Do not lift the eyelashes too high, this will be layered with real eyelashes. Do not squeeze too low, this will make the eyes look smaller. Probably held at their own height of 30 seconds, so that it will fix the height of curved eyelashes


If you can do above points , then you can quickly wear the eyelashes you buy, but the quality of your eyelashes directly affect the degree of beauty you wear, we recommend that you can click here to buy eyelashes, eyelashes here Quality is the best, 100 real mink fur eyelashes, the price is also very cheap, we hope you become more and more beautiful



How To Use False Eyelash Curler

How To Use False Eyelash Curler

Using an False Eyelash Curler can make your false eyelashes look longer and have the natural curl, this is most women’s desire. Having beautiful eyes is a combination of eye liners, mascara and false eyelashes. One of the best ways to get the celebrity look is with eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes can give you a new look and help your self confidence. When you first try it, you might feel overwhelmed and even confused? We’re going to talk about a few tips that can help you gain your confidence when using false eyelashes curler. The last thing you want to do is ruin your false eyelashes and spend money to fix them. The goal here is to have beautiful looking false eyelashes that will give you a stunning new look!

  1. Clean false eyelashes curler- Probably the most important step in the process is to wipe and clean all left over mascara or make up off the curler. The best way to clean your false eyelashes is to add some alcohol to a soft tissue or cotton pad and clean all substances off the curler. You also want to use the pad to clean your eyelashes from any mascara at this point also. You can still finish getting ready with eye shadow, blush, foundation and the rest of your make up.
  2. Warm up false eyelashes- If you have false eyelashes that requires heat, turn it on and warm it up just like you would a hair curler. If you don’t have a curler that needs to be plugged in, using a hair dryer on low for a few seconds will do the trick. One thing to remember when using a hair dryer to heat your false eyelashes, is not to let it get too hot. A quick touch can help determine if it’s the right temperature.
  3. Now you’re ready – open the clamp and position false eyelashes so they in the middle of both plates. Always place the curler closest to the roots of the eyelashes as possible to get a full curl. Once your nerves have settled down and you become more comfortable, close the clamp and time the hold for no longer than 15 seconds. You will be a pro in no time and feel like a surgeon doing an delicate operation.

4.Finishing results- After you held the curler for a few seconds, slowly release the clamp. It’s very important to fully un-clamp the curler and don’t slide the curler on your eyelashes. You might find yourself without any lashes! What a nightmare that would be? Once you mastered the art of curling one eye, repeat the same procedure on the other eye. Once your done it’s time to stand back and look at your beautiful eyes.

These tips will help you to use the eye lash curler correctly and get amazing results. If you’re still a little unsure on how to do it, this video is very helpful.

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False eyelashes attached to top or below real eyelashes?

False eyelashes attached to top or below real eyelashes?

In the past False eyelashes have been used on the top of the real eyelashes, and then in the place between true and false eyelashes where to use liner eyeliner, until later to see some beauty paste false eyelashes below the real eyelashes, I feel a bit puzzled, not Clear false eyelashes should be posted in what position.

So the main question is exactly what I want to ask, but the question has been answered by someone.

So I can only try ~ ~ ~ squeak ~

First burn the cotton swab with a lighter, hot curling false eyelashes (cotton stems stalks become hot, do not burn too hot so as not to scour the eyelashes, the operation to be careful not to burn yourself)
false eyelashes in the bottom of the true and false eyelashes: Due to personal habits have been like to paste false eyelashes and then paint eyeliner, but this time the false eyelashes are so true under the lashes so there is no basic whitening, eyeliner make up is not painted . So here to remind female the same as I have the same habit must firstly paint eyeliner,then paste false eyelashes, or eye liner is difficult to make up. (The first by mistake attempt to manipulate this position on the mistakes later did not draw a whining ~ ~) Advantages: finished pasting feel very natural and realistic, and really good integration of eyelashes. Disadvantages: As opposed to the false eyelashes affixed above the real eyelashes  is more difficult to operate.

False eyelashes at the top of real eyelashes: Disadvantages: It is easy to leave the white, but with the liner fill up the white, in addition to between real eyelashes and false eyelashes  will be easy to appear stratification. Advantages: easy to operate.
False eyelashes whether attached to or below the real eyelashes, I think both methods are possible, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you usually do not  paste false eyelashes, new hand want to start trying to paste eyelashes , it is better to paste false eyelashes paste above real eyelashes, because this operation is relatively simple.

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