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Where To Buy Mink Lashes Wholesale?

Where To Buy Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale?

Mink Strip Lashes is very popular in the market, most girls start their Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale business line with very little money because they have found a good Mink Strip Lashes Wholesale Vendor such as Annasui Lashes.


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Annasui Mink Lash Vendor is one of the best mink eyelash wholesalers. They can provide our distributors with high-end luxury mink eyelashes wholesale. We help them profit from the wholesale eyelash business line. If you want to start your eyelash business line, we can also help you start your eyelash business line step by step.

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Not every eyelash supplier can make the best mink hair wholesale eyelashes for you. To become a good mink eyelash supplier and produce high-quality mink eyelashes, there are too many factors to consider. If you want to know what is the best mink eyelashes, you can follow us, we will show you the professional knowledge about mink eyelashes, and you will become an expert in this area.

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Eyelash Vendors Wholesale USA

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How many styles of mink fur wholesale are available in the market?
There are mainly three kinds of striped mink eyelashes on the market.
1. Natural mink hair strip eyelashes.
The length of the eyelashes ranges from 13mm to 18mm. Many girls wear this kind of mink eyelashes when they go to work to create a professional lady style.

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2. Dramatic mink eyelashes.
This mink eyelashes belong to 20MM mink eyelashes, which are longer than natural mink eyelashes but shorter than 25MM mink eyelashes, so if you want to travel and date with someone, you can use this mink eyelashes.

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Best 3D Mink Lash Vendors

3. Dramatic eyelashes of 25mm long.
Long dramatic mink eyelashes are the most popular style on the market, and most girls like to use it to show dramatic and charming eye makeup.
Annasui mink eyelash supplier is very willing to help more people start their own eyelash business, if you want to start eyelash business, please contact us.

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