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What is an unprocessed wig?

What is an unprocessed wig?

Are you looking for a wig made entirely from Wholesale Hair Vendors? Do you want to use it to change the appearance? You might think that the best quality hair is untreated hair. However, what is raw hair? How to tell whether the hair of Virgin Hair Vendors is processed or unprocessed? Follow this article to help you find the answers and unprocessed Human Virgin Hair Wholesale of real human virgins.

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What does untreated hair mean?

Untreated Mink Virgin Hair Bundles has an intact cuticle and has not been chemically treated. That kind of Wholesale Virgin Hair is collected from a single donor, that is, the cuticle of each Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair has the same direction. This is why untreated hair does not cause any tangles and is easy to handle. One of the advantages of unprocessed hair is that it will last longer than processed hair and you will get more value. The other is that you can easily get a good match when dyeing untreated Wholesale Hair Bundles. As for processed Brazilian Wholesale Hair Bundles, as the name suggests, after a certain treatment, the hair has been processed to give it a certain appearance and eliminate the natural characteristics of strands.

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How to distinguish raw hair?

There are some techniques to distinguish whether the hair is untreated.

The outer layer of unprocessed Brazilian Human Virgin Hair Wholesale consists of overlapping scales, which are arranged in almost the same way as fish scales. Quickly use your fingers and thumbs to smooth the Wholesale Hair Bundles from head to tail, which will be very smooth. If you do the same operation in the opposite direction from start to finish, it will feel rough and cause some friction.
The easiest way to spot unprocessed hair is to smell it. Real untreated Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair doesn’t have much smell at all, it just smells very natural. If the hair has a chemical smell, it may have been treated with something.

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How to choose an unprocessed wig?

Finding a reliable Wholesale Hair Vendor is essential for women to order genuine unprocessed human virgin wigs. Annasui Virgin Hair Vendor is committed to the wholesale and retail of raw hair products and meets the highest quality standards required by today’s women. We ensure that Brazil, India, Malaysia and Peru have sufficient raw hair resources, and select healthy raw hair from young donors. All wigs and hair of Annasui Human Virgin Hair Wholesale are guaranteed to be chemical-free and 100% original human hair. Brand recognition and customer satisfaction prove that we are synonymous with quality, expertise and innovation. You are welcome to try it with confidence on the Annasui Hair website.

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