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How To Maintain Your Curly Hair?1

How To Maintain Your Curly Hair? 1

Annasui Human Virgin Hair Wholesale’  curly look cute and elegant. However, they are fragile due to twists and turns. Due to its curved nature, the natural oils produced by the scalp make the hair soft and difficult to move smoothly from top to bottom. This allows girls with curly hair to experience low moisture content.


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However, if you have the right skills to care for Wholesale Hair Bundles curly hair, it will be very easy to maintain curly hair. Here are some tips to help you keep your curly hair.

Here are the ideas on how to have long-lasting beautiful curls.

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1. Choose your shampoo carefully

Regardless of the hair texture, shampooing is an essential hair procedure and must be practiced. By cleaning, you will be able to remove dirt, dust, dead skin cells, excess oil, etc. It is worth mentioning that for Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair, you should use a mild shampoo that does not contain toxic chemicals such as sulfates and alcohol. That’s because these chemicals can irritate the scalp. Due to the fragility of Wholesale Hair Bundles, you need to choose a mild shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and will not strip the natural oils and moisture of the hair.

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2. Don’t over-shampoo

One thing about curly hair is that it dries easily. This is why you should not over-shampoo your Human Virgin Hair Wholesale, because it will open its cuticle and natural oil bands, which will dry out the curly hair. So, the less wash your curly hair, the better.

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3.Treatment before shampoo

The pre-shampoo treatment is very suitable for people with Wholesale Brazilian Hair. This should be done before shampooing. The pre-shampoo treatment helps to soften, comb and condition the hair before shampooing. It also prevents damage and roughness that may occur during the shampooing process.

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Before shampooing, apply conditioning oil or conditioner to dry hair. Divide the hair into several parts and apply the conditioner with your fingers to make it penetrate deeper into the hair. Let it rest for about 15 minutes.

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In addition, it helps maintain the shape of curly hair. How often you use conditioner depends on your curly hair type. If you have loose or semi-tight curls, you can condition them two to four times a week. If your curly hair is more frizzy, it is recommended to use a conditioner once a week.

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4. . Always use cold water

It is recommended to use cold or warm water to clean the conditioner. That’s because they can help seal the cuticle and retain the moisture that has been added to the hair. In addition, it is believed that cold water can enhance gloss. Keep your curly hair naturally fluffy.

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