Eyelash Liner Glue

Eyelash Liner Glue

Annasui Lashes not only have Mink Eyelashes and Wholse Custom Eyelash Packaging , but Eyelash Glues and Eyelash Tweezers with your logo. A lot of people wonder if there’s a way to simplify the makeup process, so, after a lot of testing, Annasui Lashes developed an Eyeliner Glue with great quailty. According to the characteristics of the applicable crowd, we designed a soft and hard moderate thin pen head. When you use it to draw eyeliner, you can adjust the eyeliner thickness according to your preferences. You can draw more strokes if you want more thick eyeliner, and Black is so versatile that it works with all of your makeup.

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We began in the design of Eyelash Liner Glue casing for a number of market research, the final determination of the semi-arc shape. The shape remains stable during use, preventing hand shaking due to discomfort, and Eyeliner Glue does not roll to the floor when placed horizontally, reducing placement problems. From the appearance of the brush head shape to color, are very careful to consider the user’s feelings.

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Custom Eyelash Liner Glue Pen

eyelash liner pen

DIY Liner Glue Pen 

Lash wearers and makeup artists consider KISS lash glues and applicators to be the “gold standard”. Now, we’re taking it to a whole new level: New GLUEliner glides on as eyeliner & performs like lash glue. Simply line your upper lid, place lashes and DONE! It’s never been easier! GLUEliner joins our popular lineup of nozzle and brush-on adhesive options that are super strong hold and long lasting, yet gentle and mess-free.

eyelash liner glue

Custom Liner Glue Pen

eyelash liner glue

Liner Glue Pens

Annasui Lash Glue Liner- Black or Clear lash glue glides on along your lashline, ready for your favorite falsies to adhere to for all day wear! All that was tricky about gluing on false eyelashes is a thing of the past! NET WT 0.7 ml (0.02 fl oz). Multitasking liner and glue glides on as eyeliner and performs like lash glue. In Black or Clear. Contact lens friendly. TIPS: Store Glue Liner vertically, cap side down, to prevent drying out. Line your lid generously, with as much Glue Liner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash band you will secure to it.

eyelash liner glue pen

Wholesale Custom Liner Glue Pen

DIY Custom Liner Glue Pen


1) Apply to clean, dry eyelids free of moisture or makeup.

2) Starting with one eye, apply GlueLiner along your natural lash line, just like regular eyeliner. Note: When using Black GlueLiner, apply your regular eyeliner over this product, not under it.

3) Before the liner has a chance to dry on your eyelid, immediately apply your KISS false lash strip band along the GlueLiner line. Pat to set lash strip in place. Repeat on your other eye.

Liner Glue Pens

eyelash liner glue

Wholesale Liner Glue Pen

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