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Do’s & Don’ts When Caring Your Virgin Hair Weaves

Do’s & Don’ts When Caring Your Virgin Hair Weaves

Virgin hair extensions of Wholesale Hair Vendors are high-end hair. Because the virgin hair band is untreated, you can get the most natural effect. At the same time, the hair of Virgin Hair Vendors can be dyed according to your needs to create your own hair color and style. Annasui virgin hair bands are unprocessed human hair collected from a single donor of Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian or Indian descent.

The life of Human Virgin Hair Wholesale Annasui Hair’ virgin hair depends on how you care for your Wholesale Brazilian Hair. Today, let us talk about how to take care of our virgin hair. If you follow these simple maintenance basics, you can extend the life of your hair and get more value from long-term use.


Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair


Let the Wholesale Hair Bundles air dry.
After you shampoo, it is recommended that you gently wipe the Brazilian Wholesale Hair Bundles with a towel until semi-dry, and then let it dry naturally. If you decide to blow dry your Wholesale Brazilian Hair, be sure to use a heat protectant.
When using heating products to style your Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair, be sure to use heat protectants, especially for curly and wavy hair textures. High concentrations of heat can cause thermal damage and change (loose) the natural curl pattern.

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You can choose a variety of heat protectants to protect your Wholesale Virgin Hair hairband.
Use paddle bushings and wide-tooth combs to ensure the smoothness of the hair to the greatest extent.
Regularly condition your hair deeply. This is very important for bleached or dyed hair.

Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair

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Don’t add too much product to your Lace Front Wigs. When styling products are added, the hair becomes disheveled and tangled.
If you have curly hair and want to tame your hair or reduce frizz, just use a small amount of anti-frizz serum.
If products are added, you can remove them by co-washing to prevent drying.
A small amount of conditioner diluted with water in a spray bottle can be used for wavy and curly hair.

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Wholesale Brazilian Hair

Do not try to style, wash or comb your Wholesale Human Brazilian Hair when you are tired or in a hurry! This is a frustrating secret that can make your hair very rough.
Do not use bristle brushes.
We hope these hair care tips will help you care for your hair. Take good care of your virgin hair extensions, they will exist for a long time!

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