With the latest three-pair paper box, the MOQ only needs 10

The light paper card box is the choice of many customers.We’ve updated our boxes before, with 3 pairs of magnet eyelash boxes, and now we’ve updated the cardboard boxes

We have chosen the four most popular models with our customers

Holographic paper card box, pink dollar card box, pink marble card box, black and white marble card box.

Annasui Lashes can print the logo for clients and paste it on the front of the card box. You can also choose to print the logo on the back, and the back of the box can also print your brand’s social accounts.

Tweezers can be placed in the middle of the three pairs of boxes to make it easier for customers to wear eyelashes

If you have any need, please click the link of the web page, chat with me, I can tell you these more detailed information

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