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Why Our MOQ For Custom Eyelash Packaging Is Only 30PCS ?

Why Our MOQ For Custom Eyelash Packaging Is Only 30PCS ?

When you want to start your eyelash business, are you intimidated by the supplier’s minimum order? Would you reconsider starting your own eyelash business? Yes, the minimum order for many eyelash boxes is may 100 or 300pcs, while the minimum order for Annasui Lashes is only 30 pcs!


Wholesale Mink Lashes Vebdor

Ananasui Lashes is a high quality Eyelash Vendor and wholesale lashes correlative productions such as Eyelash Packaging, Eyelash Glues,Eyelash Liner Glues and Eyelash Tweezers to USA. Annasui Lashes Vendor has won the trust and support of thousands of 3D Mink Eyelashes and 25mm Mink Lashes entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service.

Why do we have such a small minimum order? Because we have our own Eyelash Packing Box factory, we will arrange your production immediately after you confirm the order. The production time is only 5-7 workdays.mink eyelash business

Eyelash Packing Box

wholesale lashes mink

DIY Lash Box

To help more customers start their eyelash businesses, we set a minimum order quantity of 30pcs, so that customers can start their own businesses with enough money and don’t give up because the box minimum order quantity is too much.

eyelash case wholesale

Custom Lash Boxes

mink eyelash business

Empty Eyelash Packaging

You can start with 30 pairs of eyelashes and 30 pieces boxes, and as your customers are attracted to your High Quality Eyelashes and beautiful Eyelash Boxes, your business will get better and better, and you’ll be able to customize more boxes as well. You can also change the style of your box, we have a professional team of designers, with hundreds of box styles to choose from. We can design all the patterns you want on the box, such as Halloween series, Christmas series and so on.

wholesale lashes mink

Eyelash Packaging Box Wholesale

wholesale lashes mink

Lash Packaging Box

private label eyelash packaging

Lash Box Wholesale

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