Why Is Annasui Lashes Minimum Eyelash Order 10 Pairs?

In fact, when the customer orders to start the mink eyelash business and is ready to pay, we need to calculate another charge, which is shipping.

However, the freight is proportional to the weight of the eyelashes.The price is in this range.Some clients will ask us to order 3 pairs or 2 pairs of mink lashes or even 1 pair of mink lashes.

I know that for you who have just started the eyelash business, you want to buy a sample first and know the quality of our eyelashes, but, my friend, you know what?You ordered a pair of shipping is the same as ordered 10 pairs of shipping, it is 25$, and we have so many styles, you buy back to try a few eyelash style, maybe you will find a surprise, maybe you like the style inside?

So that’s why our eyelash MOQ 10 pairs, we are to provide you with better service and product quality, so please believe us, please let Annasui Lashes become your biggest eyelash vendor.

I have confidence in our mink eyelashes. Although there are many low prices in the market, the materials we choose are strictly selected. It’s natural for customers to buy them home and wear them.

I never worry about the sales volume of my customers who buy mink eyelashes. I believe their business will be very good.

Our mink eyelashes are beautiful, even to the point of perfection.Maybe you don’t believe me, but when you buy our eyelashes and put them on, you’ll feel very comfortable.Our mink eyelashes are very soft.

Anansui Lashes eyelash can not only provide you with high quality, also help you to customize your own eyelash packaging, help you create a personal brand eyelash, if you just started your eyelash, eyelash is very important for a high quality, we have various styles and different lengths of eyelash for you to choose from, so 10 pairs of eyelash sample, in addition to save transportation costs, the best.The point is that you can test different styles of mink eyelashes, so you have more options, and you’ll have a better idea of what your customers like.

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