Why don’t you get a good price for your eyelashes

Q:Why can’t my eyelashes always get a good price?

A:The eyelash category on the market is more and more now, good and bad are intermingled, a lot of customers are the eyelash business that starts oneself for the first time, do not have any experience.They also do not know how to judge the stand or fall of eyelash, still have a lot of customers covet cheap, go seeking the low price of commodity, and ignored the quality of eyelash itself.The eyelash that causes to sell accordingly price is low, quality is not good also

Q:What if my client thinks the price of my eyelashes is too high

A:Firstly, you can show the quality of our eyelash to the customer, it is superior to the eyelash of other low price on market.
Secondly, you can shoot videos that prove the quality of your lashes is good, and prove that our lashes are all natural mink lashes, not the silk lashes on the market.
Finally, you can save some screenshots or customer feedback of customers who have bought lashes. Videos or photos of customers wearing lashes are best.

Q:How to convince customers of the quality of their eyelashes

A:A sound return policy and thoughtful service are the first steps to winning customer trust.
Many customers are worried that they have been cheated. You can show them the warehouse where you put your eyelashes and the collection records you receive from customers(Please pay attention to the key customer information Mosaic to protect the customer information).
If the customer still doesn’t believe you, you can video call him to win his trust

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