Why do more and more customers like 25mm eyelashes

Now do you know which length of eyelash sells best in the eyelash business?Is the eyelash of 25mm, do you know why the eyelash of 25mm sells why the first?

Today, Annasui Lashes tells you why 25mm eyelashes sell well

1.The length of the eyelash is life

Daily eyelash length has been difficult to meet the needs of many customers.

More and more customers pursue long eyelash, think can make the magnification effect of the eye is more apparent.Make eye sockets deeper

2.The curl of eyelash warps is its soul

The 16mm lashes can meet the needs of daily commuting, but the length is not as long as 25mm, so there is no 25mm eyelash curl.

After 25mm eyelash used eyelash creams and eyelash curler can become matchless curl become warped, make the person that wears looks more beautiful

3.Thick eyelashes add mystery

With 25mm lashes, we can make the lashes thicker, which will make the eyes bigger.

When you open your eyes, it gives you a sense of anticipation and adds to the mystery of the wearer

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