Why ANNASUI Mink Eyelash Minium Order Quantity Is 10 Pairs?

Why ANNASUI Mink Eyelash Minium Order Quantity Is 10 Pairs?

Many eyelash vendors Minium Order Quantity of mink lashes 50 pairs, 100 pairs,thats huge quantity for most entrepreneurs.Because these huge Minium Order Quantity need to a lot of money to ordered the bulk lashes.The most important thing is worring about can’t sell them out.

ANNASUI Minium Order Quantity of mink lashes only 10 pairs!!! also the Custom Eyelash Packaging minium order quantity is 30 pcs with your LOGO .And you also can mix styles what you want. Thats amazing MOQ !!!

If you just start own eyelash business,you can order the sample to test the quality.When you are satisfaction with the sample lashes,then you order the bulk mink lashes,Minium Order Quantity still 10 pairs and accept the mix styles!!!

Firstly,ANNASUI LASHES are eyelash manufacturer and mink eyelash vendors

We have own production department, quality control department, design department, after-sales department and sales department.Strict control of the entire production process.So don’t worry about quality at all.

In terms of price, we have a complete advantage.No retailers earn extra money. In the quality of mink lashes,we sell high-grade and middle grade siberian mink lashes. And we have own Quality Control Department,so we can control the quality of mink lashes.

Secondly,we have a dedicated eyelash warehouse.The eyelashes inside are all the best-selling styles we have chosen based on more than ten years of experience.Each styles have more than 500 pairs mink lashes.Once our customer paid, we will ship the lashes within 48 hours.

So many stock,so that not need high MOQ. High MOQ vendor haven’t own factory,once they have orders,they will find a vendor to produce their mink lashes.Their vendors Minium Order Quantity is high and the production time need to long time,it need 2- 3 weeks.

Our Slogan: It Is Really Beautiful When You Look Natural.

Business Concepts: Do Our Best To Meet You Requirements

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