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What Is The Difference Between Mink Eyelashes And Ordinary Eyelashes?

What Is The Difference Between Mink Eyelashes And Ordinary Eyelashes?

There are many different types of Lash Vendors sell false eyelashes. It is easy to confuse with all 3d mink, mink, and artificial mink, and then you will hear the sound of silk eyelashes, you are like…Huh? Well, we wrote this article to break it down into you and the different types of false eyelashes and the differences between them.


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Mink and silk eyelashes are the most commonly used. Wholesale Mink Lashes are the latest craze because they look the most natural, softer, longer-lasting, more comfortable and beautiful in style. Silk eyelashes are also very popular. Both look natural, and the main difference between eyelashes is their firmness, whether they are real hair, artificial hair or synthetic.


Eyelash Vendors Wholesale are handmade from real mink hair, which have natural qualities that cannot be obtained with synthetic eyelashes. Real mink eyelashes come from mink, usually from Siberian mink or Chinese mink. When the mink falls off, the hair grows out.

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Mink fur also has the best layering effect for 3D appearance, which makes them very beautiful. Mink is often superior and more comfortable than all other eyelashes. The disadvantage of mink fur is that they are usually more expensive than synthetic or silk eyelashes. Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes are loved by celebrities and makeup artists for their quality and “look”.

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Silk eyelashes are very popular. They are similar to mink fur, with a variety of styles and 3D effects. They are not made of silk, but made of PBT fiber. Their quality is worse than ordinary synthetic eyelashes, but not as good as mink eyelashes…but very close.

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The main difference is that the arrangement of silk eyelashes is slightly different, not as “fuzzy” like mink, they are also shinier than the mink that some people may prefer. Silk eyelashes also tend to be thinner. They can be used up to 20 times, so take care of them. Silk eyelashes are more affordable, but still more expensive than ordinary synthetic eyelashes.

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Faux mink

The latest “Faux mink eyelashes” have caused a lot of confusion. In short, they are not real mink eyelashes. They are synthetic eyelashes designed to mimic real mink eyelashes. Artificial mink eyelashes are bolder and slightly shiny than silk and mink eyelashes.

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Like all other synthetic eyelashes, artificial mink skin is often not as comfortable as mink skin or silk eyelashes, mainly because the straps are harder. Artificial mink eyelashes are usually suitable for those who like real mink eyelashes but don’t want real mink.

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