What difficulties have you encountered in selling eyelashes?

1.Eyelash vendor quality stability

A lot of eyelash vendor on the market, how to understand the stability of eyelash quality of an eyelash vendor.

Many customers confirm the quality of lashes by ordering samples of lashes, and many eyelash vendor will send customers high-quality lashes on their first sample order, and then replace them with low-quality lashes when they buy in bulk.

Annasui Lashes has its own eyelash factory. The eyelashes we sell are shipped from the factory with consistent quality.

2.Types of products offered by eyelash vendor

Many eyelash suppliers only sell eyelashes, while Annasui Lashes sells a lot of products related to eyelashes.

We have lashes of various lengths to meet the needs of most of our clients.Custom eyelash packaging box, custom eyelash tweezers, custom eyelash glue.

Let the customer experience one-stop shopping, we can buy all products here, save the freight and time.

3.Service provided by eyelash vendor

Annasui Lashes treated every client with a warm and sincere heart.We will try our best to make more money for every client who starts their own eyelash business.

We will be responsible for our products to the end, any problem can be directly contact us, our mobile phone is always online.

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