What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Clear Case?

Annasui Lashes is the best supplier of minks eyelashes in China and we have the top five brands in the us market.Custom eyelash boxes are two major brands in China and the United States.We have our own factory, which has been established for more than ten years.

Annasui lashes has more than 12 years of experience, wholesale mink lashes, we have high production efficiency and ample inventory!!We can create your own eyelash wrap for you.If you want to print your logo on the box, please contact me, our professional designers can help you design your logo for free.

We’ve had a lot of clients tell me they want a better view of the eyelashes from the outside of the box so they can attract more clients.When you need your own brand customized packaging, we can provide you with customized packaging, printed on the packaging of your logo, make your mink eyelashes become more perfect, attract more customers to buy your products, make your eyelash business more successful.Now we recommend our best-selling Clear case.What are the benefits of choosing Clear case?

1.High quality and strong material

Acrylic has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness, surface gloss, high temperature performance is good.Light transmittance of transparent acrylic plate can be comparable to the glass, but the density is only half of the glass.In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, when it is broken, also won’t like glass forming sharp fragments.

2. Transparency

Acrylic acid is an important plastic polymer material developed in the early stage. It has beautiful appearance, crystal transparency, light transmittance of more than 92%, soft light, clear vision, and dye coloring acrylic acid has a good color effect

3. Adapt to any logo

Whether you want to print your logo on the acrylic packaging box or stick the sticker you want, you will be satisfied. Because we have a professional team of designers who can design the logo you want for FREE.Acrylic packaging box surface is smooth but because of its special material, so suitable for any style of logo.

4. Put any  bottom paper you like

Annasui Lashes is Eyelash packaing box manufacturer with own design team, Own factory and own international trading department! Working with us, you not only get the product but also the quality, service.And you can choose you want bottom paper card to put in the box,This will make your eyelashes look more fashion and more advanced.

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