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What are our most popular 20mm mink lashes styles?

First of all, 20mm mink lashes is a new eyelash style designed and produced by ANNASUI LASHES. At present, we have designed a total of 12 eyelash styles, and the price of this eyelash style is also very favorable. This eyelash solves the eyelash style that not only likes 25mm mink strip lashes, but also likes the 18mm regular mink lashes style. It is a medium-length eyelash style that can meet the needs of most people.

Now, the most popular 20mm mink lashea styles are DM02, DM03, DM05, DM06, DM09, DM10, DM17. These eyelash styles are very popular, and many customers can’t wait to buy and try to buy again.
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