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These False Lashes Look So Natural They Could Pass as Your Own

These False Lashes Look So Natural They Could Pass as Your Own

Annasui Lashes is famous of Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer from China .  Annasui Lashes has won the trust and support of thousands of Mink Eyelashes entrepreneurs with its fast delivery and high quality products and thoughtful after-sales service.  Annasui Lashes is now a well-known wholesale Mink Eyelashes Vendor in the USA and the world.

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When we really want that “your lashes but better” look, we reach for Mink Lashes. They provide much-needed definition without the telltale clumps and flakes. The result is wholly believable, providing your natural set of lashes with a subtle boost that awakens and emboldens the eyes. That’s only if you’re using the right set of falsies, of course… But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for the best natural-looking Mink Eyelashes on the market.

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Wholesale Mink Lashes USA

These natural Mink Eyelashes are designed to work for every eye shape, so they don’t have to be trimmed—ever. The flared edges provide natural-looking curl and definition (plus they make you look awake, no matter how tired you feel).These handmade Mink Lashes come in separate lash bundles, so you can create a fuller look or a fringe if that’s your vibe. The choice is all yours.

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These Mink Eyelashes design is unique. Each pair of mink eyelashes is tapered at the end for a realistic finish similar to the natural eyelash look. Other brands simply cut the fibers straight off, making them too big and unnatural to use.When your goal is all-around volume and length, opt for these false lashes from our own collection. Each is hand-made from soft natural hair fibers, so they look effortless and are comfortable to wear.
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Our Mink Eyelashes use the natural hair off the mink tail, wash many times, choose the best hair to make false eyelashes, it has a natural hair shine. It will blend well with your real eyelashes after you wear it. We are pure handmade eyelashes, focus on the quality of eyelashes, you can use 15-20 times repeatedly. In addition, because our eyelash technology cumbersome, so the hair will not appear, you can rest assured to wear.

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Cruelty free and vegan, these Mink Lashes are an upgrade to your beauty cabinet. They add just enough drama to enhance your look, but their lightweight and natural enough for every day use. You also get plenty of bang for your buck, with each set lasting for an average of 20 wears with proper care.

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