The latest window box is very popular with customers

Are you still looking for the most affordable custom eyelash pack?Which supplier can trust to buy reliable eyelash packaging?

If you are confused by these questions, Annasui Lshes is the right answer.Because the company provides the best wholesale mink eyelashes and packaging the best quality and lasting quality.

In addition, we can personalize your personal logo and customize your own logo on the box you like to facilitate customers to promote their own eyelash brand in the market.

Most importantly, design and printing technology companies also offer free designs for color choices.We have a professional design team, just tell us the brand name or text you want, we will design for you for free, until the customer is satisfied

Something owned by the professional design team of Annasui Lashes

1.Thousands of different fonts

With our professional font library, customers can choose their favorite font from the font library as the brand name font

2.Various shapes of eyelashes, eye logo

We provide customers with eyes of various shapes to meet their requirements for logo design

3.Background patterns of various shapes

We have a professional design drawing library, where we can find patterns of various shapes to meet customers’ requirements for logo

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