The latest eyelash cleaning technology – micro eyelash cleaner

Gets high quality eyelash from lash vendors can be repeated use 15 to 20 times.

But with proper cleaning methods to ensure in cleaning and roll become warped eyelash to be used again.

Because the used eyelash leaves glue and dust.At present, the latest most convenient method of cleaning and 25 mm eyelash – micro eyelash cleaning machine.

1. Micro eyelash cleaner information

Micro eyelash cleaner USES security ABS plastic material, no pungent smell, is absolutely safe.

The machine edge is exquisite, is not easy to hurt the hand.And the machine can work with battery, and have enough energy to clean the eyelash.

And equipped with dewatering and drainage function, easy to use.Mini size is also easy to store.

2.The usage of Micro eyelash cleaner

Pour 2/3 water into washing machine and add detergent.

Put all the lashes that need to be cleaned into the washing machine, close the lid and press the button.

After washing for two minutes, drain off the drain pipe and dehydrate.

Remove eyelashes and dry them with a clean cotton pad.Put them in the locker.

3. Price of Micro eyelash cleaner we sell

As the eyelash line, in order to provide the best service to customers, thank customers for our trust.

Our company will give the customers a mini washing machine as a gift.As long as customers wholesale mink eyelashes, we will be free mini washing machine.

If you want to place a large order, we will also give you the best wholesale price.Welcome to contact us!

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