The customer wants to know the price, how to deal with it?

Because the customer comes to ask the eyelash vendor about the price of lashes, it means that he is aware of the lashes or wants to customize the eyelash packaging.Since writing email wholesale mink eyelashes, as long as you are not with your peers, you should cherish this email.

Time is expensive these days, and clients don’t spend time writing emails for no apparent reason.Unless a peer asks about the price.Ignore them. Ignore them.

But the client is interested in making lashes, and his interest needs your help and guidance in the bud.You need to know the customer’s situation, to seek the customer’s confusion, where is the need for help?

If a customer writes to you and mulls over his email, what are his needs?

Ask a customer a simple little question about an email, the customer can answer it effortlessly, and it helps to understand the customer.

For example: “have you ever had your eyelashes made in 3D?”

“Or” what products have you made before?

“Do you have a website?

“How do you know about our company?”And so on,

Ask questions in response to your client’s email or email.

After understanding the needs of customers, if we can do it, then tell the customer what is our Suggestions for a specific problem, we can do.

After providing the valuable information, tell the customer that you can choose according to their own situation!Don’t force yourself to let the customer make a decision!

Once you know the customer, you can anticipate the customer’s basic problems.Customers are basically divided into three categories:

Or we’ve done it before, just to compare the prices,

Or he sees someone else selling well and he wants to know about it,

Or maybe it’s new to him and he’s interested.

As long as you are interested and aware of your eyelashes, you can guide your client to make a decision:

We are glad to be able to help you.3D mink eyelash product classification.Before you decide to buy, you must clearly distinguish the grade of the product.If you want to know the price, click on this page, (this page is to make high, medium and low grade product comparison pictures and prices, to stimulate customers).

High-end lashes are relatively expensive.Can be reused 20-25 times.It is comfortable and there is no pressure.Low cost per wear.Low – and mid-end lashes are cheap, can’t be reused, wear unnatural.The cost of each piece of clothing is much higher.Severe blinking can make you lose your sense of doing things.

Click here to view different levels of Annsui Lashes mink lashes is the best lash wholesaler in China, ranking the top five in the us market.Custom eyelash boxes are two major brands in China and the United States.High-end eyelashes are naturally flowing.

Low-end eyelash, the feeling of weeds, hair stiff and rigid liner, easy to break when placed for a long time, easy to break the processing of raw materials, no hair advice so choosing the highest rating, choose a competitive price, and our products are suitable for you, because our quality is very high, of course, our price is very cheap compared with the quality, our price is very high, different grades of products have different price.

Advise customers to order samples and compare market acceptance, product quality and service.Grasp the pace of negotiations, step by step to promote the customer to conclude a deal.

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