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The best-selling eyelash packaging design of 2020

In 2020, various designs for eyelash packaging have appeared on instagram,For example: pill bottle , lollipop modelling, luggage modelling and so on.

In so much eyelash pack box design, what eyelash packaging box just can be used all the time, and can have brand effect lash packaging? Let the designers of AnnasuiLashes tell you what is the most ordered packaging design for our customers

1.The latest vintage telephone drawer eyelash packaging box

There’s been a lot of retro fashion lately, his kind of agitation also reflected in the packing box of eyelash.I believe that the original small mobile phone is a lot of people impressive memories, we have customers printed it on the drawer box, the effect is really good!Trendy drawer box, with vintage mobile phone design on the back of the box, the collision of the two styles keeps this box firmly at the top of our eyelash packaging design

2.The cutest candy box eyelash packaging box design

Everyone has a childlike innocence, grew up is no exception.Each pair of beautiful eyelashes for us now, like the candy in childhood, are we very much needed, essential things.Lovely candy box, is the choice of many customers.The designer of AnnasuiLahes can help you design any candy eyelash package you want.

3.The most retro tape eyelash packaging box

You must have listened to tapes when you were a kid?Tapes are also memories of many people’s childhood.Listening to your favorite songs on tape was the best way to relax.The designers of AnnasuiLashes can print tapes on the box and there are many colors for you to choose from.The text on the tape can also be customized to make your own eyelash packaging.

4.The most personal style eyelash packaging “Lashwoods” honeycomb design

Finally, the “LashWoods” honeycomb package was much liked by the guestsThe name is inspired by Hollywood and can be changed to your own brand name.Eyelashes, arranged in a dense, like a woods, so it is a very clever metaphor.The honeycomb holes look great on the gold boxes and the holographic paper eyelash box.

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