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The Beginner Guide: Different Types of Virgin Hair Wigs

The Beginner Guide: Different Types of Virgin Hair Wigs

Brazilian virgin hair has become the most popular hair type that has been more and more popular and worn by women. The role of hair braiding is not simply to increase length, volume, color and texture. By using Wholesale Hair Vendors Annasui’s hair, you can change your style instantly without having to cut your hair short or wait for it to grow long. Do you have the habit of wearing Human Virgin Hair Wholesale? If your hair is relatively sparse, or if you want to change your hairstyle or color without harming your hair, we suggest you consider wearing Wholesale Hair Bundles.

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Wearing a wig can not only increase your hair volume, look very fluffy and dense, thereby enhancing your self-confidence; and different types of wigs will also modify your face to a certain extent, giving us a different style.Virgin Human Hair Wigs are currently the best quality wigs, which can give you the most natural appearance, just like they grow naturally from the scalp.

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Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

Compared with synthetic hair, Best Wholesale Hair Vendors can have various hairstyles anytime and anywhere, with flexible and changeable shapes.Normally, if you maintain a human hair wig reasonably, it can last for more than one year.There are also many different types of human hair wigs, such as lace front wigs, closure wigs, HD lace wigs, bob wigs, headband wigs, u part wigs.Human Virgin Hair Wholesale

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Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

Lace front wig refers to a combination of a standard size 13×4 inch lace at the front hairline, and the rest is a wig cap made of ice silk fabric and hair bundles covering the mesh of the cap. Annasui Lace Front Wigs Vendors have the wigs looks like it grows naturally from your scalp, very real and natural.

The lace front wig can separate the hair from different parts to create a different appearance. And because of the effect of lace, the lace front wig is very light and breathable, allowing the scalp to breathe well.

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Closure Wigs

The lace size of the closure is usually 4×4 inches, covering from the temple to the temple on the other side. The square-shaped lace and ice silk fabric hair cap and hair bundle are combined to form a closure wig. The lace size of this closure wig is 5×5 inches, you can choose according to your actual needs.

Wholesale Hair Vendors Annasui sell closure wig is very soft to the touch. It protects your hair health while also making you look more beautiful. Compared with the lace front wig, it is cheaper, which is very friendly for people with an insufficient budget.

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HD Lace Wigs

HD lace wig is the most worth buying wig. The HD lace it used was once called Swiss lace, which is a royal lace material. Best Wholesale Hair Vendors using more lightweight and breathable than any lace, allowing your scalp to breathe completely freely. Because of the transparent and light characteristics of the lace used, the wig and our scalp are naturally blended, making your hairline look very natural, and it is difficult for people to find that you are wearing a wig. And like this high-quality lace wig will not hurt your scalp, it will bring you a comfortable and natural wearing effect, and will never let you down.

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How to get the above wig products?

If you want to buy wigs, but don’t know where to buy quality wigs, you can visit Annasui Hair Mall. There are many different types of high-quality wigs for you to choose from. Besides, if you have any questions about wigs, please feel free to consult SuperNova Hair Mall. We will always serve you.

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