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The Answers Of How To Start Eyelash Business !!!

The Answers Of How To Start Eyelash Business !!!

The WHY of wanting to branch out and become your very own lash boss, run your own Eyelash Extension Business, and be the ultimate one in charge of your destiny can vary from artist to artist, but the overwhelming theme is typically freedom. Financial freedom and freedom with your time! No more showing up to shifts and clocking in and no more waiting until payday! But WHERE do you start? WHAT is the first step? Let’s dive into 5 Questions you should be asking yourself WHEN you get that crazy idea that “Hey! I could totally run my own lash business”.

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Question 1: How Much Money Do I Need to Start?

There’s a reason this is the first question on the list. No matter how much you’d like to stick your head in the sand (I use the term Ostrich-ing) about finances and having money to start up your business, it is one of those necessary evils you need to be ready to face head on and face it regularly in your life as a business owner. Being financially oblivious and unaware will be detrimental not only to the health of your business but could jeopardize your entire personal life as well. Nobody plans on going bankrupt when starting up a new business, but the reality is that it can and does happen.minkeyelashextensionfactory

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I am a huge proponent to never take on debt and only minimal amounts if you absolutely MUST! Ask yourself, if I took on this loan or debt to fund the startup of my business and I was unable to run the business, would I still be able to make the payments? If the answer is no, then DON’T DO IT! There are plenty of ways to go about finding money to fund your lash business, but it may not be the instant gratification that comes with a bank loan. Learning to save your money at your current job to help fund some, if not all, of your lash business startup is the first step in setting yourself up for success and ridding yourself of the “instant gratification” pitfall that so many first-time business owners fall into.

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 Question 2: How Many Clients Do I Need?

Knowing your numbers not only applies to finances, but to reaching your goals. Do you know how many regular clients you currently have (if you’re coming from somewhere that a clientele has followed you from)? How many do you need a day to pay your bills? How many do you need to be financially comfortable? How many do you need to grow your business? Those are all important markers in your business for you to know ahead of time because it MAY not be as many as you may initially think. Knowing the EXACT number of how many clients you need for each goal marker will break your business down into bite sized pieces so you’re not trying to take over the world overnight!

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 Question 3: How Can I Find A Great Eyelash Vendor ?

A professional eyelash supplier has its own eyelash manufacturer, will have sufficient inventory of eyelashes, in order to timely delivery, if your eyelash supplier can not timely delivery, then you have to be careful, to See if he’s a professional eyelash supplier.I have written an essay about this question, you can click this link and read. ->>How To Choose A Reliable Eyelash Vendor Quickly ?wholesale lash vendors

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 Question 4: What Lash Lengths do you Choose?

We have Mink Eyelashes of different lengths, you can choose 16mm Siberian Mink Lashes if you like natural ones, or 25mm Mink Eyelashes if you like dramatic ones. More eyelashes you can click on the link below to view.

Question 5: What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

For those of you who are ready to start the eyelash business, there will be a lot of confusion about the minimum quantity of eyelashes. Many MInk Eyelash Suppliers have a very high minimum quantity of eyelashes, so you need to be sure of your eyelash requirements.

Annasui Lashes is an professional mink eyelash vendor and we have our own Mink Eyelash Factory. If you only need Eyelashes, our MOQ only needs 10 pairs. If you also need Custom Boxes, our MOQ is only 30 pieces. And we print the logo on the box, not a sticker.buyeye lashpackaging boxes

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