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The Acrylic Box You Want Is Here!

The Acrylic Box You Want Is Here!

Annasui Lashes aim is supply the best Mink Lashes and Make Beautiful Eyelash Packaging , Let Our Customer make won Brand Eyelash Business Successful and Make More Money and More rich .


Mink Lashes  Vendor

《Why Do We Continue To Introduce New Eyelash Styles?》

《How to test the quality of eyelash packaging?》

As a professional Eyelash Packaging Box Manufactuer  with our own factory, we must continuously introduce new series of boxes to meet market requirements. Therefore, after continuous updates, our acrylic series of box packaging boxes have come out in many types, below It is an acrylic box designed by us.

custom eyelash packaging

Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box

custom eyelash packaging

Custom Flower Eyelash Packaging

If you don’t have your own logo, we have a professional design team to design your own logo for you, and you don’t need to pay any extra fees. We have helped many clients design their own logos. If you have no idea about the logo, you can click on the link below to find your idea. Click Here>>>How to design your own eyelash logo

eyelash packaging box

Custom Lash Packaging Wholesale

custom lash packaging

Wholesale Minkl Lashes and Packaging

We can print all the patterns you like on the Custom Acrylic Box, like flowers, clouds, stars, butterflies, leaves and other patterns. You can choose all the colors you like to match your patterns and logos. We have professional designers to come. Help you design your own box, when you confirm the design, we will immediately arrange your order production

wholesalecustom eyelash packaging box

Round Clear Custom Eyelashes Packaging Box

custom eyelash packaging

Custom Round Lash Packaging

The minimum order quantity of our customized box is only 30pcs. You don’t have to worry about starting your eyelashes business because of the minimum order quantity. We hope you can simply succeed with our help and own your own eyelashes business with the least use to earn more money.

mink lashes packaging

Custom Clear Eyelash Packaging USA

custom eyelash packaging

DIY Eyelash Packaging Acrylic

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