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New Hermes Lash Glue Eyeliner Pen

New Hermes Lash Glue Eyeliner Pen

The most easiest glue to use! Eyeliner Lash Glue, the newest trend on the market that is selling fast.  Our Eyeliner Glue has superior hold and super fast drying. No wait time, just draw a line on your lash line and apply lashes. The precision brush tip allows for an easy and clean line with no mess and has minimal build up on the lash band.

This glue is compatible with any eyelash style, including synthetic and natural fibers. It dries within seconds and is long-lasting.


Mink Lashes  Vendor

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Black or Clear lash glue liner glides on along your lashline, ready for your favorite falsies to adhere to for all day wear! All that was tricky about gluing on Mink Eyelashes is a thing of the past!  Multitasking liner and glue glides on as eyeliner & performs like lash glue.


Wholesale Eyelash Liner Glue

Eyelash Packaging Wholesale

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue Packaging

The Eyelash Adhesive designed by Annasui Lashes has a rose gold extravagance appearance, inlaid with pearls or gold and black star flashes, with black or Clear or Black tip inside can be selected. full of European aristocratic style.

Black Eyeliner Glue Pen is undoubtedly the best-selling lash liner style. It is also a color that will never choose go wrong.

custom glue

Custom Glue Liner Pen

DIY Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue Packaging

If you want natural, nude makeup. Clear power liner will be your best choice. It can replace the exaggerated black eyeliner and stick on natural 3D eyelashes.

If you want something special,Dramatic Mink Eyelah, you can choose our black Eyelash Adhesive pen.


Eyelash Glue Pen With Logo

Eyelash Packaging Box

Custom Eyelash Liner Glue Packaging

Line your lid generously, with as much Glue Liner as needed to create a sufficient base for the width and length of the lash bandyou will secure to it. The 1st Lash Glue Liner makes applying Eyelash Adhesive and Mink Eyelashes foolproof ! Multitasking felt tip “pen” glides on as eyeliner& performs like Lash Glue, ready for your Mink Eyelashes to adhere to!

eyelash liner glue

Unique Eyelash Liner Glue Pen

eyelash vendors

Eyelash Glue Pen 

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