Wholesale mink lashes Sale in Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is coming,in order to thank new and old customers for their support to Annasui Lash in the past year.We have prepared many special price activities for custom eyelash packaging and 25mm mink lashesthe end of the year. The details of the activities are shown in the figure below

Activity 1: discount coupons

As long as the consumption amount is met during the activity, coupons can be obtained,specific use rules can send information to ask.Coupons cannot be Shared with other activity rates. Coupons can be used on top of each other

Activity 2:

Eyelash sample offers, buy samples, send brushes.Eyelash samples are 3% off,Eyelash order above 30 pairs send round clear case,3 percent off 30pcs boxes, free $5 threshold coupon.

Activity 3:

Large order offers more coupons, brushes, tweezers

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