Make natural eyelash extension 

Make natural eyelash extension 

They used to be a reserve of Hollywood and other elite, but today, natural looking eyelash extension are increasingly common. Now, the average woman can wake up looking effortlessly chic, and no one would ever guess she’s had a little help. The key to achieving this everyday fab is a lash artist who has mastered natural-looking eyelash extension. In order to keep your sets looking natural—and your clients feeling like off-duty models—keep these things in mind:

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To create sets with subtle length and volume, use extensions with different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures. ANNASUI LASHES SHOP eyelash extension come in lengths from 8mm – 16mm, diameters from 0.05 – 0.18, and B, C, D, L, and L + curls. Mixing lengths, thicknesses, and curls will ensure a look that is soft, feathery and most importantly—natural. Use mink extensions for ultra-natural sets, and silk extensions for those wanting to kick up the drama to subtle glam. Mink lashes extensions have a velvet sheen and darker finish that will add drama while still maintaining a natural softness. Check out ANNASUI LASHES SHOP’s Natural Lash trays, which have a blend of 3 lengths per strip to help you achieve natural-looking variety!


Having a thorough understanding of curl types will ensure you know which curls to use when creating natural-looking eyelash extension sets, and which should be used for more dramatic looks. For natural-looking sets, match eyelash extension types to your client’s own lash curl—ex. if your client has a natural slight curl, extend with B and C curls. This will prevent the lash set from looking too contrived, and give your client those effortless .


At any given time, a client will have faux mink lashes in all stages of growth—from new growth (Anagen phase), to fully-formed lashes (Catagen phase), to lashes ready to shed (Telogen phase). Part of creating a natural-looking lash set is mimicking the natural lash growth pattern. This means applying shorter, thinner lash extensions to new growth, and longer, thicker extensions to lashes that are fully developed. Texturizing your lash sets will prevent harsh lines, and will result in lash sets eyelash extension that look so natural, people will envy your client’s good genes!


Learn how to create natural looking eyelash extension on your own! ANNASUI LASHES SHOP offers online and hands-on courses in eyelash extension. Visit us at for our course line up!

If you haven’t signed up to become an SL PRO Insider, you can join INS@beimitina_lashes. Keep your eyes on your emails for hands-on training dates, online courses, or pre-register for ANNASUI LASHES SHOP today!

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