How to use small budget, design the eyelash packaging box that suits brand

Many people start their own eyelash line and don’t have much of a budget.

With a small budget, how do you choose the right box for your brand?

1.Choose eyelash packaging that can be designed

Many eyelash packaging have limited colors and window shapes.The pattern and logo printing are greatly limited

The cheap paper box choose the color and window shape you like, which makes the logo design more possible

2.Choose cheap eyelash packaging whenever possible

Many boxes cost a lot of money to make because of the material.

The paper box is made of paper, so the cost is reduced to the minimum, so many boxes can be bought with a very low budget

3.Choose lightweight eyelash packaging

Boxes of other materials, such as acrylic and ordinary eyelash packaging, are heavier than paper boxes.

In the unit freight, 300 paper card boxes can be transported, while 30 acrylic eyelashes boxes can be transported, which is really very affordable.

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