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How To Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home Without Damaging Your Natural Eyelashes

How To Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home Without Damaging Your Natural Eyelashes

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1. Use oily makeup remover.
When it comes to removing eyelash extensions, your eyelash technicians are now encouraged to share most of the “don’ts” with you after you apply, which includes using an oil-based makeup remover. If you don’t have it, try IPSY-fave SUNDAY RILEY CEO C + E Micro-Dissolve Cleansing Oil, which is strong enough to decompose makeup and waterproof mascara. It also provides nourishing doses of vitamin C and vitamin E to provide much-needed protection. Daily use of oil-based cleansers can help weaken the adhesion of the eyelash glue.

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2. Take a hot bath.
What is the other main contraindication when using new eyelashes? Hot water. Although showering may not be as effective as when the eyelash adhesive is still set, prolonged steam showers can help loosen the eyelash extension glue.

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3. Try using castor oil.
If you desperately want to remove your eyelashes, you can use castor oil as an overnight treatment to dissolve your eyelashes while you sleep.

After removing all eye makeup, apply castor oil on a spool or cotton swab, and then apply it to the eyelashes during the evening skincare routine. If oil gets into your eyes, be sure to rinse them off with water immediately. Although castor oil is generally safe, it is best to test it locally on the skin before applying it on the face.

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4. Don’t pluck or pull your eyelashes (false or real).
Even if you have tried the above techniques, but still get stuck with a random eyelash, resist the urge to reach for the tweezers, as this may end up seriously damaging your natural eyelashes.
Pulling and plucking will not only make your eyelashes thinner, but doing so repeatedly can be extremely harmful.

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5. More mascara.
You can try to use lengthening mascara and eyeliner to hide the remaining eyelash extensions instead of picking or pulling. Not only can mascara help to blend stubborn mascara that seems to be life-sustaining, but daily mascara can also help weaken the adhesive, allowing the extension cord to attach to your actual eyelashes.

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6. Gentle.
Once your hair extensions fall off, keep your natural eyelashes gentle-especially when applying makeup or removing makeup. If you want to make your natural eyelashes look longer, you can use eyelash serum to nourish and strengthen your hair, try these techniques.

Although waiting for false eyelashes to grow out is not ideal, these expert tips can help false eyelashes fall off on their own faster without damaging your real eyelashes until you can enter the salon.

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