How to make your own lash instagram stand out from the other lash vendors

Last blog post I’ve told you before about how to get more instagram followers,If you haven’t figured out how to get more fans, click here

On instagram, many eyelash vendors are uploading videos of their mink lash or custom eyelash packaging, adding to their growing number of eyelash customers.Have you noticed the key part of people uploading their instagram content without getting any views or thumb up?Next I will tell you how to upload instagram to get more views. Please pay attention

1.Choose the right time to upload the video

According to the survey, the biggest time of day for instagram users is between 8am and 9am, between 13pm and 14pm, and between 7pm and 9pm.

Why these three periods?Between 8 and 9 a.m., on the way to work, someone might get bored and start checking instagram.

Lunch is between 1 and 2 o ‘clock at noon, when resting office workers browse instagram to learn about their interests.

Between 8 and 9 p.m., pass the time by browsing instagram after work, and then go straight to bed

You can choose to upload your own videos during these times to get your customers’ views

2.Add watermarks to your uploaded videos

There are a lot of eyelash vendors stealing other lash vendors’s videos and photos,

Watermarking your own eyelash videos and photos can effectively prevent others from stealing videos, but also make your own mink lash video with your own logo, better to promote your lash brand

3.Choose a cover for your uploaded lash video

The most important thing about a video is its cover.The cover of the eyelash video is the first thing the customer can see about your product.

The cover of the eyelash video must be nice!Can attract the eye of the mink lashes customer, make them to your eyelash generation curiosity.

In turn, they can send you a private message to know your eyelash brand and purchase your eyelashes and custom eyelash packaging.

4.Add keywords to the video description

In editing video copy, you need to add many topics to attract people with common topics

Many instagram users browse topics to get to know what they want to know. For example, you can add “eyelash vendors” and “custom eyelash packaging” to your text.This will enable instagram users with a common interest to view your posts, resulting in traffic and thumb up

5.After Posting the video, follow new instagram users

After the above operation, you can follow a group of instagram users to get their followers. You can follow the detailed operation of instagram users, please refer to this blog click here.

Finally, hope you can have more and more eyelash customer, eyelash business more successful

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