How to make your own eyelash sales rise immediately during the holidays

There are a lot of people are selling eyelashes now, how to make oneself eyelash stands out in numerous eyelash vendors?Now, I can tell you a few quick ways to sell eyelashes

1.Live on all platforms

Selling eyelashes live is a trend now.I often see a lot of eyelash vendors live on instagram.During the live broadcast, you can share your eyelash maintenance and wear tips.Don’t worry if no one is watching, because as soon as you launch a live stream, followers will be notified.

2.Release promotional posters when appropriate

Releasing promotional posters at the right time is also a way to increase sales quickly.Posters need to be simple in content and attractive in price.There are many ways to send posters, the status of whatsapp, the story of instagram, the story of facebook.One of the benefits of Posting posters in these three places is timeliness.Remember that any promotion must have a time limit so that it will attract customers

3.Send promotional messages to customers one by one

This is the easiest and most tiring way, but it is also the most direct way.The customer will receive your message directly.Maybe not many customers will reply to your message, but I believe there will still be someone interested.After receiving the messages, you just need to patiently reply to each one.

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