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How To Grow Your Mink Lashes Business During This Downtime?

How To Grow Your Mink Lashes Business During This Downtime?

The recent issues in the news have taken a massive toll on just about every industry. The mink lash industry is perhaps seeing one of its most difficult times in history. Most salons have been forced to close their doors and countless others have voluntarily done so in an effort to practice social distancing.

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As a beauty professional what are you supposed to do with this time? Rather than get depressed or sit at home catching up on that ever-building Netflix queue, we feel that there are several ways that you can be smart and use this downtime to further your career and set yourself up for success when this craziness finally ends.  With the right focus, you can actually emerge from this time ready to grow your business aggressively. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to spend your time while your salon is closed.


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Educate Yourself

The beauty industry we have chosen to work in is an art. This time is perfect for you to not only brush up on your skills but to learn new ones. What better way to utilize this time than to expand your menu of services?

Constantly expanding upon your service offerings is a surefire way to open yourself up to a larger market. But more than just expanding your clientele or adding on yet another service to your menu, as you increase your knowledge and craft you can continue to raise your prices. The more areas of expertise you have under your belt, the more valuable you are as a beauty consultant for your clients.

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Step Up Your Social Media Game

We get it, it’s hard to consistently post on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, and whatever other new platform emerges. We know that you understand posting some pactures of lashes with
Custom Eyelash Packaging and being an active voice on all the online communities is integral to your Wholesale Mink Lashes business thriving but it’s just too much. Between taking care of your clients, keeping your schedule organized and having some semblance of a life who has time to update social channels?

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Don’t forget, while people aren’t going out during this crazy time we’re living through, they still want to look their best. If you are feeling up to it, now is the perfect time to make videos on how people can do their own hair, make-up, lashes at home. Giving people good advice will establish you as an authority figure in their minds and if you make the video fun and entertaining it’s sure to spread amongst friends and introduce you to potential new clients.

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Build Your Online Network

One thing that people don’t tend to do enough of is outreach. When it comes to marketing on a shoe-string budget, nothing can be more powerful than having connections to social media influencers who have their own following. If you don’t have a dozen social media influencers you have a real connection with Lash Vendors then it’s time to stretch out those networking muscles and start building those connections.

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When trying to build relationships from scratch it’s good to keep organized. We recommend keeping a google spreadsheet open with 20-30 influencers you are trying to get in touch with and keeping tabs on when you tried to contact them so that you don’t let any outreach efforts slip through the cracks.

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Using this downtime wisely can be like a forced boot camp for marketing your business. With a little focus, some smart planning, and some elbow grease you can come out of this time ready for your business to thrive in ways that would never be possible without having all this extra time on your hands.

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