How to get a large number of lash customers

Many customers wholesale eyelashes, but sales are not very good.

Lack of customers is a worry for many customers.

Next I will introduce a few guest source drainage method, hope can help you to your eyelash business


Instagram is a place where a lot of hipsters hang out, and a lot of customers look at pictures on Instagram.

You can shoot videos of eyelashes in well-lit areas and be sure to bring your own logo box to promote your brand and make your lashes look better.

This will attract customers to watch your video, which will lead to more inquiries.


Youtube, a website that publishes long videos,  you can find a clean background cloth, a tripod holding up your phone, and shoot a video about your eyelashes.

You can add subtitles, be a fashion blogger, promote your eyelashes.

Customers can watch the effect of eyelash wearing on the video, so that customers have the desire to buy


Facebook is a great place to attract customers.

Take a nice photo and post it, you will get a lot of people to contact you, increase the number of inquiries.

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