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How to detect the quality of eyelash packaging?

How to attract the attention of consumers quickly and make your products impress them.Many eyelash vendors already have an answer.

It is to let consumer remember with bespoke eyelash package namely.Custom eyelash packaging with brand name and logo will help you attract more customers.

And in order to ensure the quality of eyelash packaging, the following is the method of testing the quality of eyelash packaging box.

1.Is there any pattern blur and color difference in package printing

Because the printing process used by some factories does not meet the printing standards, there will be color error between the printed box and the design drawing.

Some may even obscure your design.So when you see the design, you can ask the eyelash vendors to send some print boxes.A video of the box is the best way to show what the box looks like.

2.Check the package to see if it is glued properly and if the glue has spilled.

When it comes to creating a beautiful logo for the box you choose, the quality of the eyelash packaging is also important.If the box does not stick, it will affect the use of consumers, of course, it will cause you some trouble.

The appearance of the box will also be affected if it is produced with excessive glue.So you have to check with the eyelash dealer.

3.Check if the box logo is coming off easily.

Because some lash vendors of mink eyelashes use inferior raw materials to make the boxes.

So the logo and brand name printed on the box will come off in the friction.This is happening to many customers after a low quality eyeliner custom box.

When you choose an eyelash vendors, you can ask them to provide you with customer feedback.This will protect your interests.

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