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How to Choose the Best Eyelash Adhesive?

Everything About Eyelash Adhesives and Lash Extension Glues

Do you know the wrong lash adhesive can make the lashes painful for your client? Besides allergies and similar other outbreaks, the wrong eyelash adhesives can put your career in jeopardy. Horrible things can happen if you choose the wrong lash adhesive. That’s why today we have decided to elaborate on the types of Eyelash Adhesives, how to choose them and use them properly to get a 5-star feedback from every one of your clients! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced lash professional, take a look at our comprehensive guide to eyelash adhesives so that you can be ready for all the challenges in your lash career. Let’s get started!custom eyelash packaging

·      Clean Drying Ability

If you don’t want your eyelash extension fixing to look like goop on the eye, start using an adhesive that has the reputation of drying clean. Some lash adhesives clump together and makes it hard to do a clean job, however good you are. You need the adhesive to completely dry before adding any makeup. Hence, the drying needs to be moderate, not too fast that you can’t perfect it and not too slow that you’ve to wait forever. Eyelash glue

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·      Hypoallergenic to Eyes

You need to choose an adhesive that does not irritate or redden the eyes of your client. Hypoallergenic lash extensions do not contain parabens, phthalates or sulfates. They are safe for all people. custom glue

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·      Good and Flexible Hold

Flexible eyelash adhesives are easy to work with and often chosen by professional lash artists. A good example is that individual glue is not good for strip lashes as the former is not flexible enough. You need the adhesive to hold firmly, yet not too stiffly to make the eyelash extension look natural without constraining the natural lashes. private label eyelash packaging

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·      Longevity and Time Span

How long does the lash adhesive hold the extensions? Is it 24 hours? Perhaps it is a long lasting adhesive that can keep the False Lashes intact for up to a week. Depending on what the client needs, inquire and select the Fake Lashes that complement their event, vacation or function for using lash extensions.

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·      Pick your Adhesive based on your Speed of Working

Do you want an adhesive that dries quickly? Perhaps you want one that dries slowly as you’re a beginner at doing lash extensions for your clients. You can perfect your expertise with a slow drying adhesive. Don’t just pick any adhesive, pick it based on the total lash extensions you have to apply on the client.

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·      Application and Drying Color of the Glue

What is the color of the lash adhesive at the time of application? Is it white that turns to clear after drying for 10 seconds? There are clear adhesives for eyelash extensions as well as black glues. Choose the adhesive color based on your client’s style and natural eyelashes. glue

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Now that we are finished with our complete breakdown of eyelash adhesives you need to use and what to watch out for, we hope you’re clear-headed. If you have any more doubts, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will help you understand the world of lash extension glue easily because we have been working with it for decades.

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