How to choose an eyelash box that matches your logo?

When you want to customize eyelash packaging, you can use eyelash packing box build their brands.Only when you choose for you the mark of a box, will you be able to fully display the charm of your logo.Let it attract many customers for you, help you make more money, the eyelash of a successful business.

1. Avoid designing black logo or brand name on the black box.

The black box gives a high level and mysterious feeling, so many people will choose the eyelash box.However, there are often some unsatisfactory situations – the black logo or brand name printed on the black box will be very fuzzy, not a perfect display of the logo.So don’t choose to print a black logo on a black box.If you really like black boxes, you can add white edges to your logo.This will highlight your logo.

2.Solid color box for any logo

Solid color box is very suitable for you to play a rich creative ideas. Because they don’t limit your design ideas. You can choose to use the whole design to cover the box, or you can use your imagination to design the box at will. This tends to be more distinctive.You can ask the Wholesale Mink Lashes And Packaging to give you some advice

3.The bright logo works very well on the light box

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