How does false eyelash maintain?The maintenance method of false eyelash

Some people’s false eyelashes are of better quality and more expensive, so throwing them away after only one use is a waste.

False eyelash maintains good word, it is ok reuse is long, teach everybody below false eyelash maintains a method.

1. Don’t use eye shadow or mascara on your false eyelashes

Make eye shadow first, wear false eyelash again, avoided eye shadow powder to touch false eyelash so go up,

make its dirty, and cannot clear, affected the use next time.

Do not brush eyelash cream to go up in false eyelash,

cannot clear, otherwise false eyelash is used to waste.

That if true false eyelash cannot fuse how to do?

This will allow real and false eyelashes to fuse.

2. Remove false eyelashes correctly

Many people remove false eyelashes by tearing them off, which is bad.

First, can pull eyelid, make eyelid flabby for a long time.

Second, if stick not very good, make true false eyelash sticks together, this one tear oneself true eyelash also tore off.

Third, the false eyelash that tear off directly is easy to be out of shape, reduced The Times that used repeatedly, heavy person was annulled once.

3, the correct way to remove false eyelashes

Use cotton swabs to get the right amount of eye makeup remover products,

and then gently wipe on the root of the false eyelashes, the technique must try to put gentle 

when unloading eye makeup do not be too hard.

Stay this way for a while and then the false eyelashes will fall off automatically.

Remove false eyelash correctly false eyelash also is the premise that false eyelash can use repeatedly,

the girl that loves beautiful can raise to this respect consciousness.

After learning the method that USES false eyelash repeatedly, still can save a lot of money, after false eyelash can not use up throw away.

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