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How Do You Make Your Eyelashes Fluffy?

How Do You Make Your Eyelashes Fluffy?

Every girl hopes to have curly and long eyelashes. When you desire that dramatic volume and length, you need to wear false eyelashes. But for those when you are too lazy to deal with all of this, there are still ways to get fuller eyelashes without false eyelashes. I won’t lie, it’s not as simple as applying that killer mascara formula (although there are still mascaras that can mimic the appearance of false eyelashes). 


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However, if you are willing to put in extra effort here or there, the false eyelash effect can still be yours without worrying about all these glues. Of course, you don’t have to complete all these steps at once. Adding any of these to your beauty routine will instantly enhance your eyelash game. But if you really want those va-va-voom eyelashes, feel free to combine any or all of these techniques.

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No need to worry about your eyelashes staying on all night-they are your eyelashes. Just use a little makeup remover before going to bed, no need to pull or tear. Here are a few ways to get completely doll-like eyelashes without false eyelashes.

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1. Curl, Curl, Curl

Curling eyelashes is one of the most important things to make eyes look wider and eyelashes look longer.

Before applying any mascara, start at the root of the eyelashes and then clip to the tip of the eyelashes for the best curling effect. Even after applying the mascara, use a cotton swab to keep the eyelashes curled when the mascara dries. Do not use an eyelash curler after applying mascara, as this will pull out the eyelashes.

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2. Use A Primer

Apply a layer of primer underneath the mascara to add extra length and volume to the eyelashes. Using a waterproof formula before applying mascara can also help keep your eyelashes curled.

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3. Coat The Top & Bottom

Many times, when we apply mascara, we only apply it under the eyelashes. But for most rolls, it is important to actually wrap the eyelashes with your favorite formula. So when applying mascara, be sure to apply it on the upper side of the eyelashes first, and then apply it on the underside in a jagged manner when applying it. In this way, all your eyelashes will be covered without losing any lift.

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4. Use Fibers

For some crazy length and volume, try using fibers to extend your eyelashes. Apply a layer of mascara first, then a layer of fiber. Make sure to complete the first two steps quickly so that more fiber sticks to the mascara. Then apply a layer of mascara to cover the fibers to complete the sandwich. You will be surprised that your eyelashes appear thicker.

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5. Try A Lash Comb

Clear and separated eyelashes really help to create the appearance of false eyelashes. Make your eyelashes more vivid and beautiful. To ensure that your eyelashes do not become too clumpy, try using an eyelash comb to create beautiful fan-shaped eyelashes.

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