How did my client make $2,000 a month by selling our eyelashes for $100?

Most of the eyelash retailers are wholesalers who are not in the eyelash business or who have switched to 3d Siberian mink eyelashes because they have not been in the eyelash business.

They don’t understand the market for 3d mink eyelashes, consumer psychology, consumer habits, so their eyelash business is not successful.

Many entrepreneurs only focus on immediate interests, and fail to give better advice and marketing strategies to eyelashes from the market level, resulting in the communication between eyelashes and the end consumer.

When consumers encounter quality problems, eyelashes can not quickly and correctly make a choice, to give consumers a reasonable explanation, resulting in the loss of eyelashes a lot of customers.

Your products and reputation have not left a good impression on consumers.Even if you get a good product, but you don’t have the right sales philosophy, your eyelash business is very difficult to do!

I have a client named Kiara who started her eyelash business with $100. In her first order, she ordered samples of Siberian mink eyelashes, stickers with logos, and custom eyelash packaging diamond clear boxes.After receiving Anna sui’s package, she said the eyelashes were beautiful.She ordered a lot.

She gets eyelashes every week, and she told me, “Kiko, thank you for your help.I make $2,000 a month, and my customers love these lashes, especially the 20mm mink lashes.They introduced their friends to buy my mink eyelashes, and I have many good friends with my clients.This is my first month to start the eyelash business, I believe it will be better and better in the future!”

When she ordered samples, she chose many popular models of mink eyelashes.Instead of the style that chooses eyelash according to her be fond of.She chose the cheapest packaging – the diamond clear round cases, with its own logo sticker.The logo will make your brand look more formal and flamboyant.

After receiving the lashes, Kiara began selling them on her social media account.She Shared photos and videos of mink eyelashes on Instagram and Youtube.She wears mink eyelashes and shares her experience with fans.Above all, Kiara is exceptionally diligent.Therefore, her success is the inevitable result.

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