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How Can You Get More Instagram Followers And More People To Buy Your Eyelashes

Now more and more beauty bloggers post their products on instagram. How can I increase my eyelash followers?And how can these followers become my eyelash customers?Let me tell you the little secret about it all

1. Set up an instagram account of my own eyelash brand

To set up an account on instagram, need the logo of your own eyelashes as the avatar of my account. If you do not have a logo at present, you can consult the designer to design your own eyelash logo .

Or you can use some logos of Google as design inspiration to create your own eyelash logo

2.Find The Right Fans On Instagram And Follow Her!

There are many users on instagram, how to select followers to follow? You can choose the user with your own photo and avatar. She may not have many fans, but it is a good choice to follow her .You can also choose the fans of many other famous eyelash vendors and follow them first, so that they are more likely to follow you back.

Why do you choose to follow the fans with their photos and avatars under other mink lash vendor on instagram ? Because these fans are interested in eyelashes, if you follow them, they will also follow your account, because you are also a supplier of eyelashes, more customers want to compare before buying .

3.Upload High-quality Instagram Eyelash Information To Attract More Customers

First of all, you can shoot a beautiful video of yourself selling eyelashes and upload your instagram, after you upload the video, immediately follow a group of relevant users recommended by instagram .

Follow about 50 fans every day. Follow the fans 2 hours apart each time, 10-20 fans each time. If you follow too many users on instagram at one time, it will cause alarm in the background of instagram, and you will mistakenly think that you are a garbage account, and your account may be closed after multiple operations .

4.Keep Following Instagram Users And Upload Quality Video

These may be a simple gesture for us to check our mobile phones every day.These simple operations are not difficult for everyone, what is difficult is the daily persistence.As long as you keep uploading videos and following instagram users every day. Dripping water wears away the stone, rope saws the wood is broken, only do one thing persistently, you will be closer and closer to success, come on! Believe in yourself, you can do it!

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