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Which Length Lashes Should I Choose To Start My Mink Eyelash Business?

Which Length Lashes Should I Choose To Start My Mink Eyelash Business ?

Annasui Lash, is a professional Mink Eyelashes Manufacturer focusing on the highest quality lashes products. As one of the biggest and most professional eyelash manufacturers in China, we have designed 1000 styles of fashion eyelashes, Each producing process of our lashes is under strict quality control, from materials to work flow.


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When you are searching for this question. I know, you have decided to start your Mink Eyelash Business. You must have a lot of things need to know, For example ,you don’t know how to make your eyelash business go smoothly. Today I will give you some suggestions on how to choose the length of Mink Eyelashes for sale. Hope it can help you.

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First of all, you should know the age group of your customer group. For example, if you live near the school, you usually have a great chance of having a group of loyal student customers. Students usually like to wear a Natural Short and comfortable eyelashes. Therefore, you can choose 16mm Mink Eyelashes for sale.

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The second point you need to pay attention to is to seize the festival.

Featival is an important time for brand promotion. For traditional festivals like Halloween and Christmas, people usually like exaggerated Dramatic Eyelashes to match their holiday makeup. You need to prepare your 25mm Dramatic Eyelashes in advance before the holiday, and promote the product in time to make more customers know your eyelash styles. We have different styles of 25mm Mink Eyelashes you can choose from. You can use different styles of 25mm mink eyelashes for cat eyes, fox eyes and thick eyes.

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The third point is to blend all lengths of eyelashes.

Yes, you read that right. If you just started the eyelash business, if you don’t know the age of the customer or there is no holiday in the near future, the best way is to sell all lengths of eyelashes, so that you can follow the first sales situation. Gradually understand the Mink Eyelashes needs of your customers, and then know what length of eyelashes you should sell.

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As a professional Mink Eyelash Vendor, we have many customers buying eyelashes every day. Of course, there are also regular customers. They will choose their previous best-selling styles. Therefore, we also know the best-selling styles of each length. For eyelash business, you can contact us. I can send you the best-selling styles I know, and you can choose any length you like. Of course, I hope you can choose the styles that you like and are also popular, so that you will be happier to introduce your products to your customers when you sell them.

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