FREE packaging of the latest eyelash paper box

In order to facilitate the sales of eyelashes by our clients and to sell the best eyelashes at the lowest price, Annasui Lashses provides clients with free paper card box packaging

If you order more than 50 pairs of eyelashes, we can send you the package of paper card box without logo for free. If you need to print the logo, there is no problem. You only need to add $50.

We launched this promotion for the convenience of low budget customers, allowing them to choose more mink eyelashes, with a free cardboard box packaging, can be sold directly to your customers.

Buy more than 200 pairs of eyelashes, we can also help you to print the logo on the paper card box for free.

Annasui Lashes always starts from the perspective of clients, helping too many clients to realize their own eyelash business, and also hoping to help you who are hesitating whether to start your own eyelash business

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