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Mink Lashes

Mink lashes Product feature

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There’s something so satisfying about giving your clients the deepest, darkest set you can. Whether it’s sky-high length they’re after, or full, fluffy volume, a dark, dense lash line is always welcome. But how do you give sky-scraper height and ultra-black density without overloading your clients’ natural lashes?

With ANNASUI LASHES SHOP mink eyelashes, of course.

Our mink eyelashes have a wide, mink eyelashes base that increases the appearance of density at the lash line without adding extra weight, so your 0.15mm look like 0.20mm, and your 0.18mm look like 0.25mm. And because they’re lighter than they look, you can give your clients the length they crave with added thickness as a bonus.

Plus, the mink eyelashes tened base provides more surface area for bonding, meaning better retention, and less opportunity for the extension to twist or turn on the natural lash.

Mink eyelashes are tapered for less than 1/3 of the lash length, giving the appearance of thickness almost to the very end of the lash. The sharp taper at the tip contrasts the full lash body, resulting in ultra-dense, spiky sets like this one by Meghan Beck.


Mixing mink eyelashes with volume fans is an easy way to add texture and dimension to your hybrid sets. Here mixes 0.07mm 3-4D volume fans with 0.15mm mink eyelashes to achieve a layered look with a ton of definition.


Don’t be fooled, though, faux mink eyelashes aren’t just for creating drop-dead drama. They’re also great for adding definition to natural sets. Altering your lengths and overall lash shape will help maintain a “maybe she’s born with it” look, while mink eyelashes amp up the look with added depth. Here, Meghan used an 8 | 12 | 9 style map with 0.15mm mink eyelashes to preserve a more natural looking set.


The goal of volume lashing is to achieve maximum fullness, while classic sets are all about long, elegant length. mink eyelashes are designed only for use in classic lashing (1:1), but their full body delivers the appearance of density without compromising the sky-high length your classic clients crave.

ANNASUI LASHES SHOP mink eyelashes are touted as the best mink eyelashes in the industry, but don’t take our word for it.


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