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When it comes to false lashes, there are a ton of different things to think about.  What type, what size, what style?  All of these things are important, but without a doubt, the first skill to master is applying classic strip lashes to your eyes.  We’re here to make it simple and easy so that you can pump up your look in a snap.  You’ll need your MIIS false eyelashes, tweezers, small scissors, eyelash glue and mascara.

There are a few steps you should follow for the perfect false lashes application:First things first: Applying mascara to your natural lashes. The easiest way to bond your false and natural eyelashes together is to apply mascara to your lashes first.  This way, you can then press your falsies into the existing makeup to give them a more natural and cohesive look.

Next, you’ll need to take false lashes out of the box. When you remove the eyelashes from their container, take a look and see if they are marked left and right.  If they’re not, just hold the box in front of your face, false lashes toward the mirror.  This will show you which is left and right, ensuring that you keep the left and right lashes straight while you’re working.

Remove them from the box gently with a pair of tweezers, pulling from the strip and not the lashes.  If they look like they’ve flattened in the box, lay them over your finger or a mascara tube and press gently on the strip for a few seconds until they’ve regained their curve.  If the lashes are too straight, they can come loose at the edges while you’re wearing them.

Thirdly, you’ll want to size your lashes. Most false lashes are a universal size and should be cut down to your particular eye size and style preference.  First, set the false lashes over your natural lash line.  A good rule of thumb is to then measure where your eyelashes begin to look thickest at the inner corner, and a couple of natural lashes in from the outer corners of your eyes and cut the false lashes at those points. When you trim the lashes, make sure you cut from the strip side to avoid cutting any lashes accidentally.

The next step is to apply the MIIS false lashes glue. Working false lashes at a time, dot the glue down the full strip of the lash.  You’ll want a thin strip of glue without any large dollops.  Let the glue set for a few seconds until it’s tacky.  Once this happens, press the strip of lashes down against your natural lash line, making sure you press firmly along the inner and outer edges as well as the center.  If you’re planning on wearing your false lashes for an all-day event, you can also put tiny dots of glue along your natural lash line directly above your lashes to bond with the glue on the false eyelashes.

This is where that mascara you put on earlier will come into play. Once you have your false mink lashes factory glued on, use the tweezers or your fingers to push the false lashes down into your natural lashes and squeeze until they’re bonded together.  Make sure that you don’t leave a strip of skin in between the two lash lines.

You’re done!

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