Magnetic Lash

Magnetic Lash

Wholesale 3d mink eyelashes 100% cruelty free, Factory Price Magnetic Lash we supply China best quality 3d mink lashes with custom packaging. Private label and custom package box is accepted.If you want top quality 3d mink lashes, come here to get.

MIIS  Eyes lashes are made from 100% real mink fur, or a combination of real mink fur and real fox fur, depending upon lash style selected. All lashes can be curled using an eyelash curler. When curling 3D lash styles, always curl from the base of the lash, and not mid-way through the lash to prevent damaging the design of the lashes.

Can I wash my ANNASUILASHES’ Eyes 3d mink lashes?We do not recommend washing or soaking your MIIS’s Eyes lashes as water and other chemicals can ruin the design, curl, and quality of the mink fur. Washing your lashes will shorten lash lifespan.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes Factory Magnetic Lash Manufacturer Silk Lashes, we supply China best quality 3d mink lashes with custom packaging. Private label and custom package box is accepted.If you want top quality 3d mink lashes, come here to get.

How long will ANNASUILASHES’ Eyes 3d mink eyelashes last?With proper care, our cotton lash-band styles can be reused up to 30 times. Natural shedding of the fur may occur with time.

To preserve your lashes follow these guidelines mink lashes: Store your lashes after each use.Do not apply mascara, use a mink lashes curler instead to add volume to your mink lashes. Applying mascara to ANNASUILASHES’ Eyes 3d mink lashes will destroy the design of the lashes. Do not sleep in your MIIS’s Eyes mink lashes.Do not tug on your lashes, or remove mink eyelashes by pulling on the fur.

Always remove your lashes from your eye or the mink lashes tray, by the lash band. Never remove lashes by pulling or tugging on the fur. Be conservative when applying lash glue, a little goes a long way.When using an eyelash curler, always curl from the base, and not midway through the fur, to prevent damaging mink lashes style.Always apply your mink lashes after completing your beauty routine, to prevent powder, or other products from collecting on your mink lashes.

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