Human Hair Eyelashes

Human Hair Eyelashes

So now that you have seen the incredible results of Faux mink lashes Human Hair Eyelashes, we want you to know a few Faux mink lashes facts to make the most out of your beauty investment.

Must-know facts about Human Hair Eyelashes:

Wholesale Private Label China Human Hair Eyelashes with Custom logo luxury packing, our Faux Mink lashes is Multilayer,natural looking and 3d effect with OEM/ODM service. If you wanna top quality Faux mink eyelashes, our lashes factory is your best choice. Get the fast delivery directly from our lashes factory.

  1. Human Hair Eyelashes are not “one size fits all”. Everyone’s lashes are different andFaux Mink lashes should be customized to each individual for the correct length and thickness to suit their look and ensure the health of their natural lashes. Not everyone can or should get super long or super thick Mink lashes!
  1. A full set of Faux mink eyelashes is not all one length. The shape of your lash line tapers – it’s longer in the center and shorter on the outsides and your Faux Mink lashes should be too. Following the design of the natural lashes creates natural-looking Faux mink eyelashes!
  1. Natural Faux mink eyelashes grow to a finite length (different for each person), fall out and are replaced by new growth, just like the hairs on your head. When Mink lashes are applied and maintained correctly, they will grow out with your natural lash and still be attached to the lash when it sheds.
  2. Natural Faux mink eyelashes are constantly growing in and falling out at different times so your Faux Mink lashes will too! There is no set amount of time that Faux Mink Eyelashes will last because they will shed with the natural lash they are attached to when it grows out and that time varies. Due to growth cycles and different stages, the best estimate is that you will shed 1-5 natural lashes per day – including those with Faux Mink lashes and those without. Frequent re-lashes will replace those that have shed to maintain a full look.
  3. You SHOULD be seeing your Faux mink eyelashes together. This is normal. If your extensions fall off before the Faux mink eyelashes, the adhesive bond wasn’t strong enough or maintenance instructions were not followed correctly.
  4. You CAN wear makeup with Faux Mink lashes but it has to be formulated for compatibility. ANNASUI Lashes offers a full line of cosmetics and skin care specifically designed for Faux mink eyelashes. Ask your ANNASUI Lashes Lash Stylist about these products or shop online.
  5. Factory Human Hair Eyelashes China adhesive is designed to create a permanent bond between the extension and the natural lash. It is nearly impossible to remove Factory Human Hair Eyelashes China yourself without damaging your Faux Mink lashes. See a professional if you need removal!Ah hair and makeup. The thing you do every single day, that comes so simply. Little eye liner, light blush, pale lipstick, cover up for that stupid little pimple that decided to pop up over night, and out the door! FAIL!Your wedding day makeup needs to be bumped up. If you go for your normal day look – the browns, beiges, nude lips, pale pink, etc. that’s gotta come up a couple notches. First, pictures look SO much better when you have depth in your eyes, cheeks and your lips can sparkle. My biggest recommendation for a bride on her wedding day – OUTSOURCE. Get a makeup artist in there to do your makeup and hire a hair stylist to come to your hotel and do your hair! Better yet, find someone who does both! Don’t make yourself fret about this detail when the cost is usually nominal. On a budget? You could work out a plan with the Makeup Artist to do your ladies for a specific amount each, and they pay that amount. This is your day, all eyes will be on you. Do it. Oh, and I know people so let me know if you need referrals.Of course, some of you won’t heed my advice. So here’s my basic makeup tips for the bride trying to be a Do-It-Yourselfer.1) Color color color is NOT always your friend. Choose ONE feature you want to emphasize. Your eyes, or lips, or cheeks. (Emphasizing your cheeks is difficult to do without looking like a clown, so I would stick to the first two!)2) Even if you don’t *emphasize* the eyes you still want to be sure you give them depth. What do I mean by depth? Give the eye shape dimension. If going natural, use a dark brown, medium brown, and a light brown. The dark brown gets applied in the crease. The medium brown on the outside edge of the top lid and fading into the other corner of the eye. The light brown goes from the crease and blends upward to the brow bone. You will also want to blend some of the light brown color in the part of your lid nearest to your nose. Dab at that crease and blend the color up towards your brow bone to open up your eyes.3) Get your eyebrows waxed, threaded, plucked, tweased, trimmed, Nair’d, or something! You don’t want those cutsie lovey dovey close-up photos ending up with crazy, erratic eyebrow madness! (The trimmed part can definitely work for the gentleman too!)

    4) My favorite makeup is M-A-C. It’s more expensive, but DAMN it does a great job. Get yourself some high-definition makeup and make those M-A-C reps show you how to do it! It’s what they are there for – but make sure they don’t think you want to look like a drag queen!

    5) False Eyelashes. NOT the Halloween ones!! Use the separates. They are little clusters of fake eyelashes that you press into place. And don’t press them all over your eye lid. Use them to emphasize the outside corners of your eyes. Your eyes will pop, sparkle, and shine all over the place.

    6) SHIMMER POWDER! It’s amazing. Put it on the area right under your eyebrow to emphasize the brow bone.

    7) Practice makes perfect. Practice before the day of so you can hone your skills and have your makeup perfect for the actual day-of.

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