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False Lashes

Five Easy Steps to Applying False Lashes Tutorial: China best mink lashes with with your own PRIVATE LABEL. We supply you top quality False Lashes mink lashes with Custom packaging, NEW DESIGN according to your request is also provided. Our Mink Lashes is Clear Band and black band False Lashes 3D Mink Lashes. More natural and […]
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How to judge a pair of eyelash to belong to luxurious good eyelash

Eyelash is every girl everyday make up indispensable one article, the eye makeup that does not have eyelash is soulless.For those of you who wear lashes every day, judging whether a pair of lashes are luxurious and durable is something you need to learn.The following tips will help you choose the right eyelash 1.Raw material […]
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