eyelash box, very beautiful!

eyelash box, very beautiful!

Nowadays, many eyelash customers are just starting the eyelash business. They have been considering the business of trying eyelashes with the least amount of money. Moreover, many customers also want to make their own eyelash packaging with their own private label. However, many eyelash vendors, custom eyelash packaging box, the order quantity is very high, a lot of small customers who just started eyelash business, can not accept this.

So, today,ANNASUI  LASHES gives you a suggestion. At present, our eyelash packaging is very popular. Moreover, we have customized a lot of color bottom cardboard to meet your different color requirements. Moreover, the price is also very favorable, and you can also customize your private paste on the box, which is also very beautiful.

What are you still hesitating, take the time to snap up this beautiful box.


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