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How to choose an eyelash box that matches your logo?

When you want to customize eyelash packaging, you can use eyelash packing box build their brands.Only when you choose for you the mark of a box, will you be able to fully display the charm of your logo.Let it attract many customers for you, help you make more money, the eyelash of a successful business. […]
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The latest eyelash cleaning technology – micro eyelash cleaner

Gets high quality eyelash from lash vendors can be repeated use 15 to 20 times. But with proper cleaning methods to ensure in cleaning and roll become warped eyelash to be used again. Because the used eyelash leaves glue and dust.At present, the latest most convenient method of cleaning and 25 mm eyelash – micro […]
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How to find a reliable lash vendor?

For those who are starting their eyelash business, it is especially important to choose trusted eyelash vendors, so how can we say that lash vendors are trusted? The following points are mentioned for your reference. Professional service attitude First, you can judge whether eyelash vendors are professional based on their attitude. A professional eyelash vendors will solve […]
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