Annasui Lashes has launched new three pairs of eyelash packaging

More and more customers come to us to buy the eyelashes packaging,in order to meet the needs of our customers, Annsui Lashses has launched a new three-pack box.

Why did Annasui Lashes launch three pairs of eyelash packaging ?

1. Give customers better choices

Order 3 pairs of eyelashes at the same time, you can get more discounts. In daily wear, customers will have more choices.Wear eyelashes that match her mood of the day

2. Make it more convenient for customers to buy multiple pairs

Many clients may wear several types of eyelashes on business trips to choose from, carrying many boxes will make the luggage bigger.Three pairs of eyelash boxes are a good solution to this problem, with room for tweezers, this box is the best choice for travel makeup!!

3.This eyelash box makes you a hipster in your circle of friends

This eyelash box makes you a hipster in your circle of friends,Annasui Lashes’ new box references the designs of many hipster bloggers.The eyelash box with Annasui Lashes makes you the most beautiful and fashionable girl in USA

Finally, the Chinese Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. Customers who have not placed orders, please contact us to place orders. More discounts are waiting for you❤

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